IIE Master of Arts In Creative Brand Leadership

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2 years duration

This is an entirely research-based qualification where the completion of a dissertation is the outcome, along with the preparation of an article for publication in a peer reviewed scientific journal. Candidates engage with research, critical thinking, argument development and academic writing at an advanced level. Candidates will thus gain the knowledge, skills and competencies identified by industry as critical for senior brand management and business leaders. Graduates will be well-prepared to direct and contribute to the innovation of brands to establish a purposeful and sustainable position for an organisation in the marketplace. *Admission to the two-year Master of Arts in Creative Brand Leadership requires a preparatory year devoted to the successful completion and acceptance of a Research Proposal. (See Admission Requirements and Procedures: Research Proposal Development Programme.)

The Master of Arts in Creative Brand Leadership aims to graduate a new class of leaders and innovators who are: *Visionary designers who build brands of substance that are unique and add genuine value to people's lives. *Holistic and systemic practitioners who understand that delivering on the brand's promise is dependent on the performance of every single link in the value chain. *Creators of innovative and collaborative internal cultures who respect that the quality of performance and ideas is absolutely dependent on how inspired and driven staff are. *Scholars who can make a unique contribution at the interface of brand building and transdisciplinary research.

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Vega – Design. Brand. Business.
Vega – Design. Brand. Business.
Private College · 34 courses
Vega is a design, brand, and business consultancy that helps companies create and enhance their brand identity and business strategies. They specialize in providing comprehensive design solutions that align with their clients' goals and values. Vega works closely with businesses to understand their unique needs and challenges, offering services such as brand development, logo design, website design, marketing collateral creation, and business strategy consulting. Their team of experienced designers and strategists collaborate to deliver innovative and effective solutions that help businesses stand out in the market and achieve their objectives.
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