IIE Bcom In Digital Marketing Degree

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3 years duration

The IIE BCom in Digital Marketing is a highly sought-after qualification that equips students with the skills to create and manage effective digital campaigns. With a focus on strategic thinking and powerful content, students learn to identify the right message and digital platforms for maximum impact. The program also includes real-world brand challenges and the option for industry immersion, making it a rewarding and practical choice for aspiring digital marketers.

One of the fastest-growing fields in the brand communications industry is that of Digital Marketing. Skilled Digital Marketers are some of the most sought-after professionals in the brand communications industry. Digital marketing is a challenging and rewarding vocation for those with a knack for fusing powerful content with equally powerful digital mechanisms for its dissemination to the right target audiences and markets. Inherently strategic in nature, the IIE BCom in Digital Marketing equips students with the skills required to identify the right message and the right digital platforms and mediums to deliver this message for maximum impact. The qualification brings together all the necessary knowledge and skills to design, build, manage and measure effective digital campaigns weaving together the core skills of digital marketing, social media, online Public Relations, paid and organic search and measurement programmes. As part of the experiential component of the qualification, students work in multidisciplinary teams engaging in real-world brand challenges. Action learning is rounded off with the option of an Industry Immersion programme with companies, agencies or consultancies of choice.

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Vega – Design. Brand. Business.
Vega – Design. Brand. Business.
Private College · 34 courses
Vega is a design, brand, and business consultancy that helps companies create and enhance their brand identity and business strategies. They specialize in providing comprehensive design solutions that align with their clients' goals and values. Vega works closely with businesses to understand their unique needs and challenges, offering services such as brand development, logo design, website design, marketing collateral creation, and business strategy consulting. Their team of experienced designers and strategists collaborate to deliver innovative and effective solutions that help businesses stand out in the market and achieve their objectives.
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