Diploma in Operations Management

3 years duration

The Diploma in Operations Management is a formal entry-level qualification that equips learners with skills to manage operations and supply chain in manufacturing and services industries. Graduates can advise on capacity planning, forecasting, quality, process analysis, and project management. The qualification offers employment opportunities and entrepreneurial skills. It is available through online and distance learning.

The purpose of the Diploma in Operations Management is to allow qualifying learners to enter a formal entry-level qualification within the field of operations management. In this qualification, learners will explore strategies on how to manage aspects related to operations and supply chain in the manufacturing and services industries. Learners would be able to develop skills and competencies on how to ensure an organisation becomes more productive, efficient, and effective across the value chain as an Operations Manager. The field of operations management is changing continually as economies change, and the qualifying graduate in this qualification will be able to advise middle to senior managers on issues relating to Capacity Planning, Forecasting, Quality, Process Analysis and Project Management. This is important to ensure the qualifying learners will be able to apply the theoretical constructs of operations management in real-life work situations through simulations and case studies. The labour-intensive nature of some industries and the various skills levels in Operations Management will provide employment opportunities for many South Africans with varying degrees of skills development. Learners will also be equipped with the necessary entrepreneurial skills to establish their own businesses. This qualification will be presented using both online and distance learning modes.

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