Diploma in Local Government Finance

3 years duration

This qualification develops vocational knowledge and skills in Local Government Finance, preparing learners for lifelong learning and employment. It also aims to widen leadership and management in local government finance and enable membership in IMFO. The qualification lays the foundation for career advancement and further studies. It develops financial management skills and prepares learners to act as Financial Managers. Offered through online and distance learning.

The primary purpose of the qualification is for learners to demonstrate vocational knowledge and skills and to acquire applied competencies and the necessary attitudes in the field of Local Government Finance to become lifelong learners, employable workers and contributors to financial management in various institutions. A second purpose of the qualification is for those holding this Diploma in Local Government Finance to widen the vocational leadership and management base of innovative and practice-based local government financial management. A third purpose of the qualification is to enable diplomats in local government finance to become members of the Institute of Municipal Finance Officers (IMFO). This qualification lays the foundation for career advancement and further studies in the field of Local Government Finance. Upon completion of the Diploma in Local Government Finance, the learner would have been actively engaged in becoming a well-rounded, educated person, specifically prepared for further and more specific study and also for the work environment as an employer/manager in the financial section of a government entity. The qualification aims to develop financial management skills through strengthening their understanding of local government legislation and developing their financial reporting skills. The theoretical foundation will guide learners in the work environment to act at a functional level as Financial Managers. This qualification will be presented using both online and distance learning modes.

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