Bachelor of Commerce in Public Procurement Management

3 years duration

This qualification educates procurement and supply chain practitioners in government departments. It prepares learners for work in procurement and supply chain management in the public sector, emphasizing essential skills and knowledge in public administration. The program promotes personal growth and ethical leadership. Graduates can pursue further study or work as managers in public procurement and supply chain management. The qualification is offered through online and distance learning.

The purpose of the qualification is to educate procurement and supply chain practitioners of government departments at national, provincial and municipal levels and in public entities. Qualifying learners will be able to work effectively in procurement and also in any position in Supply Chain Management in the public sector. This qualification is aimed at learners who work in the public sector in all spheres of government, specifically in the procurement and supply chain area, and who seek to develop essential public administration, procurement and supply chain management skills needed at functional and higher management levels. Qualifying learners will be able to demonstrate knowledge, specific skills and applied competence in fields associated with Public Financial Management, Procurement and Supply Chain Management. The qualification also stresses the value of continuing personal intellectual growth. It should lead to gainful economic activity and ethical conduct and leadership by graduating learners. Upon completion of the Bachelor of Commerce in Public Procurement Management, the qualified learner would have been actively engaged in becoming a well-rounded, educated person, specifically preparing for further study and/or the work environment as a procurement and supply chain management practitioner or manager. He or she will have a theoretical foundation that will guide him/her in the work public environment to act as a functional level manager or at higher management levels in the field of public procurement, operations and supply chain management. She or he will have developed and will hold certain ethical values and be able to integrate general public financial, administration, procurement and supply chain related knowledge and skills and the application of theory to practice. Graduating learners will also be able to contribute to the theory of Public Procurement and Supply Chain Management when they articulate to higher degrees in Business Management. This qualification will be presented using both online and distance learning modes.

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