Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management

3 years duration

This qualification provides comprehensive knowledge of marketing principles, theories, methods, and technology. It equips students with cognitive reasoning and decision-making skills to excel in marketing management. It prepares them for higher career advancement and further studies. The program includes modules that cover general aspects of marketing in the first year and more focused and in-depth analysis in the second year. It concludes with strategic marketing management focusing on global economy and customer demands. The qualification is offered through online and distance learning.

The purpose of the qualification is to provide qualifying students with comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the principles, major theories and paradigms, methods and technology of the science and profession of the field of marketing and in the process to ensure that they obtain the higher level knowledge in marketing that is expected of an executive in the field of marketing. It further equips them to co-ordinate and contribute to the management of the core marketing management functions of the organisation in line with best practice and quality standards by providing qualifying students with the higher-order cognitive reasoning skills and decision-making abilities to understand and execute the tasks and functions associated with a high level executive in marketing and in the process to advance the science and field of marketing management through research reflection and scientific discourse. This qualification lays a foundation for higher career advancement and further studies in the field of marketing management where these higher order capabilities will be required to advance to learning at masters and doctoral level. The modules are specifically selected to grow students' knowledge and deeper understanding of the management science of marketing from the more general aspects and principles covered in the first year modules to a more focused and more in-depth analysis of different marketing principles and issues which will require a deeper dissemination of the information in marketing decision making to ensure that learners have a more advanced knowledge of marketing in the second year; and conclude with strategic marketing management issues and theory focusing on specific issues of relevance consummate with the demands of a global economy and increased demands from customers and top management. This qualification will be presented using both online and distance learning modes.

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