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In this course, you'll learn standard methodologies for debugging software, and how to use Xcode's debugging tools to find and squash bugs.

In the course Xcode Debugging on Udacity, you will learn essential skills for identifying and fixing bugs in your Xcode projects. The course covers topics such as understanding the difference between warnings and errors, troubleshooting a bug-riddled example app, and implementing a systematic debugging process using print statements. You will also learn how to effectively use breakpoints in Xcode, examine application state and stack frames, and diagnose runtime problems using Xcode's debugging tools. Additionally, the course introduces LLDB, a powerful low-level debugger, and teaches you how to use LLDB commands to investigate code issues. You will also discover how to enhance your debugging workflow by adding actions to breakpoints. Furthermore, the course covers setting special exception and symbolic breakpoints, as well as utilizing Xcode's visual debugging tools to resolve user interface problems. Through practical exercises, you will have the opportunity to practice debugging and fixing issues in an existing application.

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