Multi-Cloud Computing

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Get introduced to multi-cloud architectures and learn to design and implement them effectively.

The Multi-Cloud Computing course on Udacity offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of implementing and utilizing multi-cloud strategies. Students will learn how to define a cloud strategy and identify key considerations for cloud implementation. They will also gain the skills to evaluate multi-cloud implementation for specific use cases and select the most suitable cloud services. The course delves into the pros and cons of a multi-cloud strategy and teaches students how to compare different cloud services to determine the most feasible option for a given scenario. Additionally, students will learn how to design a multi-cloud application architecture, including the use of distributed multicloud when appropriate. The course also covers the deployment of multi-cloud services using Terraform, enabling students to write code and deploy infrastructure across multiple cloud providers. The course culminates in a project where students act as employees of a company deploying a cloud-native application, requiring them to research and provide a rationale for their choice of cloud services and design an architecture diagram. The project emphasizes the use of a cloud-agnostic tool to prevent vendor lock-in, ensuring flexibility and scalability in the company's cloud infrastructure.

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