Machine Learning DevOps Engineer

Starting at USD 1596.00
16 weeks duration

Gain the DevOps skills required to automate the various aspects and stages of building and monitoring machine learning models.

The Machine Learning DevOps Engineer course on Udacity equips students with the skills necessary for deploying production machine learning models. Students will learn coding best practices using PyLint and AutoPEP8, as well as enhance their git and Github skills for team collaboration. The course also covers testing and logging best practices for production settings to ensure the longevity of models. Additionally, students will learn about reproducible workflows, MLops fundamentals, and technologies like MLflow, pytest, GitHub, Weights & Biases, Kubernetes, Kubeflow, and Great Expectations. The course further delves into deploying machine learning models in production, covering model performance, bias checking, model version control using Data Version Control (DVC), Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with GitHub Actions and Heroku, and API development using FastAPI. Lastly, students will automate the devops processes for scoring and re-deploying ML models, including regular scoring, model drift analysis, diagnosing operational issues, and setting up automated reporting with APIs.

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