Introduction to Python Programming

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5 weeks duration

In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals of the Python programming language, along with programming best practices. You’ll learn to represent and store data using Python data types and variables—and use conditionals and loops to control the flow of your programs. You’ll harness the power of complex data structures like lists, sets, dictionaries, and tuples to store collections of related data. You’ll define and document your own custom functions, write scripts, and handle errors. Lastly, you’ll learn to find and use modules in the Python Standard Library and other third-party libraries.

In the course Introduction to Python Programming on Udacity, you will receive an overview of what you'll be learning and doing throughout the course, as well as understand the reasons why learning programming with Python is beneficial. You will learn about various data types and operators in Python, such as integers, floats, booleans, strings, lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries, and compound data structures. Additionally, you will learn how to perform computations and create logical statements using Python's operators, including arithmetic, assignment, comparison, logical, membership, and identity operators. The course will also cover whitespace and style guidelines. You will learn about control flow and how to write conditional expressions using if statements and boolean expressions to add decision-making capabilities to your Python programs. You will also learn how to use for and while loops, along with built-in functions, to iterate over and manipulate lists, sets, and dictionaries. The course will teach you how to condense for loops and create lists efficiently using list comprehensions. Furthermore, you will learn how to define your own custom functions, create and reference variables with the appropriate scope, and use iterators and generators to create streams of data. Finally, the course will guide you on how to install Python 3 and set up your programming environment, as well as provide opportunities for experimentation in the terminal using a Python Interpreter.

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