Interactive 3D Graphics

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8 weeks duration

This course will teach you the principles of 3D computer graphics: meshes, transforms, lighting, animation, and making interactive 3D applications run in a browser.

In the course Interactive 3D Graphics on Udacity, students will be introduced to the fundamental processes of 3D graphics, starting with an overview of the graphics pipeline. They will learn about points, vectors, and meshes, which are the building blocks of 3D geometry. The course also covers color representation, material computations, and transparency. Students will explore various transforms such as translation, scale, and rotation, and learn how to combine them effectively. Matrices will be discussed in detail, including their representation and how to have full control over them. The course also delves into lighting, both directional and point sources, and explains how cameras are defined in 3D graphics. Students will learn about textures, including color and opacity textures, as well as reflection and normal mapping. The course concludes with an introduction to shader programming, where students will learn how to program vertex and pixel shaders. Finally, students will learn about interaction and animation, including how to select objects and make them move.

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