High Performance Computer Architecture

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The HPCA course covers performance measurement, pipelining, and improved parallelism through various means.

The High Performance Computer Architecture course on Udacity covers a range of topics related to computer architecture and technology trends. It begins with an introduction to Moore's Law and explores factors such as processor speed, cost, and power consumption. The course also delves into performance metrics and evaluation, including measuring performance and benchmark standards. It then moves on to discuss pipelining, branches, and branch prediction techniques. Instruction level parallelism and its impact on improving instruction scheduling and IPC are also covered. The course further explores memory organization, memory access ordering, and memory write operations. Additionally, it delves into the concepts of multi-processing, Flynn's Taxonomy of Parallel Machines, and the differences between centralized and distributed shared memory systems. The course concludes with a discussion on SMT hardware changes and their impact on cache performance.

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