Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer

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24 weeks duration

Master job-ready autonomous flight software engineering skills as you tackle advanced challenges, write real code for real aircraft, and develop a systems understanding of the Flying Car full-stack.

In the course Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer on Udacity, you will learn about quadrotor test platforms and work in a custom simulator. The course begins with a project where you will learn how to make a quadrotor take-off and fly around a backyard. You will then move on to 3D motion planning, where you will optimize 2D solutions using waypoints and apply these skills to autonomously navigate your drone through a dense urban environment. Next, you will learn about controls and how to build a nonlinear cascaded controller for your drone system. The course also covers estimation, where you will utilize sensor fusion and filtering techniques to design an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) for estimating attitude and position of a flying robot using IMU and GPS data. Additionally, there is an optional section on fixed-wing aircraft, where you can learn about the dynamics of fixed-wing flight and write code to control a fixed-wing aircraft in simulation.

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