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Get hands-on experience building five real-world projects in this popular general-purpose programming language.

In the C++ course on Udacity, you will learn the foundations of C++ programming, including how to develop, compile, and execute C++ programs. You will also learn about syntax, functions, containers, and how to link multiple files together. Additionally, you will delve into object-oriented programming, where you will build classes, interfaces, and generic templates to create an object-oriented C++ program. The course will also cover memory management, teaching you how to control static and dynamic memory using various techniques such as the Resource Acquisition Is Initialization pattern, pointers, references, and move semantics. Furthermore, you will explore concurrency in C++, discovering how to run multiple execution paths in parallel by launching processes and threads. You will also learn about thread synchronization and communication for effective concurrent programming. Finally, in the Capstone Project, you will apply all the skills you have learned to build your own C++ application, incorporating object-oriented programming, memory management, and concurrency concepts.

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