AWS Machine Learning Foundations Course

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8 weeks duration

Learn what machine learning is and the steps involved in building and evaluating models. Gain in demand skills needed at businesses working to solve challenges with AI.

Welcome to the AWS Machine Learning Foundations Course on Udacity! In this course, you will meet your instructors and learn about the pre-requisites for the course. You will then dive into the world of machine learning, where you will differentiate between supervised and unsupervised learning, identify problems that can be solved with machine learning, and explore commonly used algorithms such as linear regression, logistic regression, and k-means. You will also learn about model training and testing, and how to evaluate the performance of a machine learning model using metrics. Moving on, you will discover the various AWS machine learning offerings and understand how different services are used for different applications. You will explore computer vision and its popular tasks, as well as reinforcement learning in the context of AWS DeepRacer. Additionally, you will learn about generative AI and its applications, and explore famous generative AI models in the context of music and AWS DeepComposer. The course also covers software engineering practices, where you will learn about writing clean and modular code, writing efficient code, code refactoring, adding meaningful documentation, and using version control. You will also learn about testing, logging, and code reviews. Finally, the course introduces you to object-oriented programming syntax and how to use it to create a Python package.

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