Applied Cryptography

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Cryptography is present in everyday life, from paying with a credit card to using the telephone. Learn all about making and breaking puzzles in computing.

The course Applied Cryptography on Udacity covers a range of topics related to encryption and secure communication. It begins by exploring perfect ciphers and what makes them secure. The course then delves into the breaking of the Lorenz Cipher, a historical example of encryption being compromised. Next, the focus shifts to symmetric encryption, which involves sending messages when two people share a secret. Key exchange techniques are then discussed, providing methods for establishing a shared secret. Asymmetric encryption is introduced as a means of exchanging information using public key cryptosystems. Public key protocols, such as encrypted key exchange, certificates, and secure commerce, are also covered. The course concludes by examining how cryptographic primitives can be utilized for anonymizing communication, voting, and digital cash. Additionally, secure computation is explored, which allows for computing without exposing sensitive data.

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