Advanced Android with Kotlin

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8 weeks duration

Develop Feature-Rich Android Apps with the Kotlin Programming Language.

Advanced Android with Kotlin is a comprehensive course on Udacity that covers various advanced topics in Android development. The course includes lessons on notifications, where you will learn how to send messages to users using notifications, design and style notifications, and add buttons and actions to notifications. It also covers advanced graphics, teaching you how to create custom views for your app, display transformed and clipped regions to the screen, and build an app that allows users to paint directly on the screen. The course also delves into animation, teaching you how to use animations to draw attention to important UI elements and create beautiful designs. You will learn how to animate UI elements with property animations and use declarative XML with MotionLayout to coordinate animations across multiple views. Additionally, the course covers geo-related topics, such as adding Google Maps to your Android apps, styling maps to fit your design, and enabling location services and tracking. Testing is also covered in the course, where you will learn how to test your app before distribution to avoid crashes or unpredictable behavior. You will learn how to write and run tests for Android, including AndroidX Test, and test your whole app, including UI, data, and code, using coroutines, Room, Espresso, and data binding. Lastly, the course covers user login and identity management, teaching you how to implement user login and logout for your app using the open-source library FirebaseUI, and control navigation in your app based on whether a user is logged in.

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