Doctor of Business Administration

5 years duration

The market-relevant MANCOSA DBA programme is designed for candidates looking to make a significant professional contribution to the business landscape. Learn and thrive in a dynamic global (knowledge) marketplace that is shaped by geopolitical disruptions, big data analytics, e-commerce, mobile technology and much more.

The MANCOSA Doctor of Business Administration is contextualised within the rubric of a world that continues to be severely interrupted by two major processes, namely, globalisation and the fourth industrial revolution. These processes have introduced new dynamics into the global economy and have fundamentally changed how business is visualised, conducted, and studied. The impact of globalisation on business operations has been pervasive, requiring a fundamental review of existing business approaches. It is now imperative that strategic planning at all levels of business, integrate knowledge that is both local and global. Simultaneously, the impact of the fourth industrial revolution has hastened the adoption of key technologies. The new revolution is transforming businesses and sparking a new wave of wealth creation, particularly in emerging economies of the world, such as in Africa. Since economic growth and technology are inextricably linked, current economic conditions are fostering investment in technology as emerging African economies ramp up their demand for technology to fuel growth. Captains of industry must be keenly aware of these new challenges. The Africa Rising narrative offers extraordinary potential for companies that understand the needs of emerging economies and their relatively untapped markets. Within this perspective, Africa will require a new generation of leaders and managers. Most importantly, the new generation of leaders and managers must possess the skills and experience to compete globally and think locally in their attempt to respond to the myriad challenges and opportunities that globalisation and the fourth industrial revolution offer. The DBA, which is the pinnacle of management education, is a qualification that holds great significance. As a full thesis doctoral degree, it stresses practical approaches informed by theoretical understandings. It allows students to learn and thrive in a dynamic global (knowledge) marketplace that is shaped by geo-political disruptions, big data analytics, e-commerce, mobile technology, and much more. The MANCOSA DBA is designed for candidates who, having already completed a Master’s degree programme, are looking to further develop their practical and theoretical knowledge of the principles that govern private and public sector organisations, through research. The strength of the DBA South Africa programme is centred on MANCOSA’s mission to have an impact on the student’s professional knowledge base and skills and to conduct rigorous research that is directly relevant to one’s organisation, industry, or country.

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Mancosa, also known as the Management College of Southern Africa, is a private higher education institution based in South Africa. It offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in business and management disciplines. Mancosa aims to provide quality education and develop future leaders in the business world. The college focuses on practical and industry-relevant learning, with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. Mancosa also offers flexible study options, including online and distance learning, to cater to the needs of working professionals.
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