Higher Certificate In General Management: Cost & Management Accounting

Starting at ZAR 20970.00
1 years duration

This Certificate is a comprehensive program that equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in general management. It is ideal for those seeking a career in business, marketing, finance, or personnel management. The qualification is designed to meet the current and future needs of the general management sector. Students will have the opportunity to work as leaders in medium-sized enterprises or business units within larger organizations. Upon completion, students will possess a high academic standard business qualification and be well-prepared for further development in Business and Management Sciences. They will also demonstrate proficiency in problem-solving, project management, and accountability. Graduates can pursue management roles in various organizations or even start their own businesses.

This Certificate is the first of a new generation of Advanced Skills Development programmes. It provides students with an informed understanding of general management, together with a range of academic skills and competencies. The qualification reflects the needs of the general management sector, both now and in the future. It will include working as a leader in the context of a medium-sized enterprise or a business unit within a larger organisation. It is specifically designed for the student who wishes to: Pursue a management career in areas such as business, marketing, finance and personnel management. Gain the knowledge and skills required to recognise and exploit business opportunities. Acquire a broad-based education for a lucrative career in business and commerce. Acquire a business qualification of high academic standard. Secure a basis for further development in Business and Management Sciences. Demonstrate the awareness of general management skills which can be used to build further management-related competencies. Demonstrate the ability to identify, evaluate and solve routine and new problems within the managerial environment Demonstrate the ability to execute medium-sized projects as a project manager. Demonstrate the ability to account c to a project manager of large projects. Once the student is declared competent, they may continue into further general management competence and complexity or into management within a medium / small organisation or of their own organisation.

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Lyceum Correspondence College
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