Finance, Economics & Accounting

3 year duration

The Finance, Economics and Accounting programme combines academic knowledge, practical skills, and values to prepare learners for further education or employment in the financial sector. Ideal for those studying at a public FET College, this course equips students with the necessary skills for success in finance, economics, and accounting.

The Finance, Economics and Accounting programme is aimed at learners who will study at a public FET College and then exit for further learning or employment in the financial, economic and accounting sector. This course integrates academic knowledge and theory with practical skills and values.

About Provider

King Hintsa TVET College
King Hintsa TVET College
TVET College ยท 12 courses
King Hintsa TVET College is a public technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institution located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The college is named after King Hintsa, a prominent Xhosa king who played a significant role in the history of the region. The college offers a wide range of courses and programs in various fields, including engineering, business studies, hospitality, information technology, and agriculture. These programs are designed to provide students with practical skills and knowledge that are relevant to the needs of the job market. King Hintsa TVET College has multiple campuses spread across the Eastern Cape, including the Butterworth Campus, Centane Campus, and Ngqungqushe Campus. Each campus is equipped with modern facilities and resources to support effective teaching and learning. The college is committed to providing quality education and training to its students, with a focus on promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable development. It also strives to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment that encourages personal growth and development. King Hintsa TVET College plays a vital role in the economic and social development of the Eastern Cape region by producing skilled graduates who contribute to the local workforce and community.
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