Special Considerations (Bridging Module)

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The Personal Trainer qualification provides the skills to instruct healthy adults. It is part of the National Certificate in Fitness, which includes a module on "Special Considerations" for training clients with injuries, disabilities, and HIV/AIDS. To train clients in these categories, the full NCIF qualification is necessary. Graduates can then pursue the National Diploma in Fitness, which expands expertise to include special population groups and additional training areas.

The Personal Trainer (occupational skills qualification) is our basic Personal Training qualification. It provides the skills to offer instruction to apparently healthy adults. This qualification forms part of our full occupational qualification, the National Certificate in Fitness (NCIF). The NCIF includes a module on “Special Considerations”. The “Special Considerations” module includes adapted training and considerations that would be adopted when training clients with various injuries & disabilities (spinal cord, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, multiple sclerosis), as well as clients with HIV and AIDS, and the workplace polices relative to the above. To accept and train clients who may fall into these categories, it is imperative that you achieve the full NCIF qualification. On successful completion of the NCIF, graduates can continue onto the National Diploma in Fitness (NDIF). The NDIF qualifies you to further expand your skill set and expertise to include Special Population Groups such as the Youth, Older Adults and Exercise & Pregnancy. It also includes Periodisation Training, Sports Conditioning and Personal Development Training.

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Health and Fitness Professionals Association (HFPA)
The Health and Fitness Professionals Association (HFPA) is an organization that represents and supports professionals in the health and fitness industry. It provides education, certification, and resources to help individuals excel in their careers as health and fitness professionals. The HFPA offers a variety of certifications, including personal training, nutrition, and group exercise, among others. It also provides continuing education opportunities to ensure that professionals stay up-to-date with the latest research and trends in the industry. The association aims to promote high standards of professionalism and ethics among its members and to advocate for the importance of health and fitness in society.
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