Reporting with R Markdown

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4 hours duration

R Markdown is an easy-to-use formatting language for authoring dynamic reports from R code.

R Markdown is a user-friendly formatting language that enables you to extract valuable insights from data and present your findings in various formats such as PDF, HTML files, or Shiny apps. Throughout this course, you will acquire the necessary skills to effectively create and modify each component of a Markdown file, encompassing code, text, and metadata. Additionally, you will learn how to analyze data using dplyr, generate visualizations with ggplot2, and compile comprehensive reports that incorporate your analyses and plots. By working with real-world data from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), you will gain practical experience in constructing reports, including efficient organization through code chunk options, the creation of lists and tables, and the incorporation of a table of contents. Ultimately, you will be equipped with the expertise to enhance your reports by incorporating your brand's fonts and colors using parameters and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), thereby ensuring your reports stand out.

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