Modeling with Data in the Tidyverse

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4 hours duration

Discover different types in data modeling, including for prediction, and learn how to conduct linear regression and model assessment measures in the Tidyverse.

This course focuses on the principles and techniques of data modeling. The objective is to develop models that capture the relationship between an outcome variable and a set of explanatory or predictor variables. These models serve both explanatory and predictive purposes. For instance, they can be used to understand the impact of professors' ages on their teaching evaluation scores or to predict house prices based on factors like size and condition. Throughout the course, you will apply your skills in the tidyverse framework to construct and interpret these models. The emphasis is on linear regression, which is widely used and easily comprehensible. Linear regression is a fundamental approach to modeling that finds applications in various fields, including statistics, causal inference, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. By mastering this modeling technique, you will gain valuable insights applicable across diverse domains.

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