Marketing Analytics in Tableau

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6 hours duration

Master marketing analytics using Tableau. Analyze performance, benchmark metrics, and optimize strategies across channels.

Acquire a comprehensive introduction to marketing and develop proficiency in utilizing Tableau for marketing analysis and performance enhancement. This interactive course will provide you with a solid foundation in modern marketing principles, including the intricate concept of marketing attribution and the distinguishing factors between B2B and B2C marketing. Additionally, you will gain practical experience in employing Tableau functions such as FIXED, DATEPARSE, and CONTAINS statements, which are essential for effectively working with marketing data. By leveraging these Tableau functions, you will be able to conduct a range of analyses that are routinely performed by marketing analysts, such as tracking performance trends over time and examining crucial 2x2 charts. These analyses will encompass various marketing channels, including online advertisements and email campaigns. By the conclusion of the course, you will have worked with data from these popular marketing methods, enabling you to develop a deeper comprehension of each. Furthermore, you will acquire valuable insights into driving your analytics by learning key questions to guide your marketing analysis. You will also discover how to benchmark performance using standard metrics like LTV/CAC (Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost) and engagement rates, as well as identify areas for improvement.

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