Machine Learning for Marketing in Python

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4 hours duration

From customer lifetime value, predicting churn to segmentation - learn and implement Machine Learning use cases for Marketing in Python.

The field of marketing has been forever transformed by the rise of machine learning and the application of statistical methods. These advancements have allowed for the optimization of customer journeys, resulting in increased satisfaction and lifetime value. This course aims to provide you with the essential tools needed to enhance your company's marketing strategy. Throughout the course, you will learn various techniques to accurately predict customer churn and analyze its underlying factors. Additionally, you will gain the ability to measure and forecast customer lifetime value, as well as create customer segments based on their purchasing patterns. Practical exercises will involve utilizing customer data from a telecom company to predict churn, constructing a recency-frequency-monetary dataset from an online retailer for customer lifetime value prediction, and building customer segments using product purchase data from a grocery shop. By the end of this course, you will possess the skills necessary to immediately apply these foundational tools to improve your company's marketing approach.

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