Introduction to Statistics in Python

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4 hours duration

Grow your statistical skills and learn how to collect, analyze, and draw accurate conclusions from data using Python.

Statistics is a crucial field that encompasses the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. It provides a powerful tool to gain insights into the future and make informed decisions. This course aims to enhance your statistical skills by enabling you to address various questions. For instance, you will learn to determine the probability of customers purchasing your product, forecast the volume of calls your support team will receive, and determine the appropriate range of jeans sizes to cater to 95% of the population. Throughout the course, you will acquire the ability to calculate averages, utilize scatterplots to visualize relationships between numerical variables, and compute correlations. Additionally, you will delve into probability theory, which forms the foundation of statistical reasoning. Moreover, you will gain proficiency in utilizing Python to conduct well-designed studies and draw meaningful conclusions from data.

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