Introduction to NumPy

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4 hours duration

Master your skills in NumPy by learning how to create, sort, filter, and update arrays using NYC’s tree census.

This course offers an exploration of NumPy, a crucial Python library for data scientists and analysts. It provides an introduction to NumPy and highlights its importance in the Python data science field. The course focuses on Numpy arrays and teaches how to create and modify array shapes to meet specific requirements. The course delves into the advantages of using NumPy arrays over Python lists, emphasizing their compactness and faster access for reading and writing items. This makes them a more efficient and convenient option for data manipulation. Throughout the course, participants will become proficient in working with NumPy arrays. Using real-world data from New York City's tree census, they will learn how to create, sort, filter, and update arrays. The course also covers the efficiency of NumPy and demonstrates how to enhance code performance through broadcasting and vectorization techniques. In the final chapter, participants will apply their newly acquired skills to perform array transformations using image 3D arrays. They will have the opportunity to alter a Claude Monet painting, gaining an understanding of the significance of array alterations in machine learning applications. Upon completion of this course, participants will have gained confidence in working with NumPy arrays and performing various operations. This course is part of the Data Scientist with Python track and is ideal for individuals seeking a Data Science certification with DataCamp.

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