Introduction to Data Quality

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2 hours duration

Explore the basics of data quality management. Learn the key concepts, dimensions, and techniques for monitoring and improving data quality.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of data quality and its significance in various industries with our course, Exploring the Basics of Data Quality. This course is designed for individuals who work with data and covers essential concepts and processes related to data quality. Throughout the course, you will delve into the fundamental dimensions of data quality, exploring their definitions and relevance in business decision-making. By understanding these dimensions, you will be equipped to establish detective and preventative data quality rules. Additionally, you will be introduced to anomaly detection, an advanced method for monitoring data quality. By combining these concepts, you will learn how to effectively apply the data quality process. Furthermore, you will gain insights into the specific roles responsible for data quality tasks and the optimal sequence for completing them. Upon completion of this course, you will possess the skills to monitor, identify, and resolve data quality issues. You will develop a critical perspective when assessing data, proactively considering potential data quality concerns. Ultimately, you will enhance your decision-making abilities and instill greater confidence in your data by implementing the fundamental data quality techniques covered in this course.

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