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Take your Julia skills to the next level with our intermediate Julia course. Learn about loops, advanced data structures, timing, and more.

Julia is a modern programming language designed for speed and performance, while maintaining a familiar syntax similar to Python or Ruby. This course builds upon the Introduction to Julia course, delving into topics such as looping and timing to fully utilize Julia's speed capabilities. Expanding on the fundamental concepts covered in the introductory course, this course takes you one step closer to becoming a Julia expert. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of different types of loops, a fundamental tool in Julia as well as other programming languages. Additionally, you will explore advanced data structures including dictionaries, tuples, and structs. You will learn how to define your own Julia functions to promote code reusability and efficiency. The course also focuses on timing your code to optimize its performance. By the end of this course, you will be equipped to work with complex DataFrame operations, enabling you to analyze and clean a global video game sales dataset categorized by region. Furthermore, you will learn how to leverage your existing knowledge of Python and R by utilizing the PyCall and RCall packages, which allow you to incorporate Python and R functions into your Julia programming. Upon completion, you will have established a solid intermediate foundation in Julia programming, providing a strong basis for further development through advanced courses.

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