Interactive Data Visualization with plotly in R

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4 hours duration

Learn how to use plotly in R to create interactive data visualizations to enhance your data storytelling.

This course, Build Interactive Data Visualizations in plotly, focuses on teaching participants how to create and customize interactive graphics using the plotly package in R. Interactive graphics allow users to manipulate plotted data, gaining further insights without the need to create new plots. Participants will learn how to zoom in on subsets of data and create various types of plots such as histograms, bar charts, bivariate graphics, scatterplots, and boxplots. The course also covers converting ggplot2 scatterplots into plotly for enhanced graphics and dashboards. Participants will explore customizing graphics to build dashboards, adding hover-over information for detail and depth, and creating advanced charts for complex relationships and larger datasets. The final chapter of the course focuses on using plotly skills to visualize the results of the 2018 US elections, creating interactive plotly dashboards and maps. By completing this course, participants will gain the ability to create manual and automated faceting, binned scatterplots, and scatter plot matrices (SPLOMs) using plotly.

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