Importing and Managing Financial Data in Python

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5 hours duration

In this course, you'll learn how to import and manage financial data in Python using various tools and sources.

This course offers an opportunity to apply your newly acquired 'Python for Data Science' skills to real-world financial data. It equips you with valuable tools to effectively work with financial data. The course begins by teaching you how to extract data from Excel and manipulate it using pandas. You will also learn how to seamlessly transfer data between Excel and pandas. Furthermore, the course covers the process of retrieving stock prices from different online APIs such as Google or Yahoo! Finance. Additionally, you will gain knowledge on accessing macro data from the Federal Reserve and exchange rates from OANDA. In the final part of the course, you will delve into calculating returns for different time periods, analyzing stock performance by sector for IPOs, and conducting correlation calculations and summaries. By the end of this course, you will have acquired the necessary skills to effectively utilize Python for Data Science in the realm of finance, enabling you to analyze and interpret financial data with confidence.

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