HR Analytics: Exploring Employee Data in R

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Learn how to manipulate, visualize, and perform statistical tests through a series of HR analytics case studies.

Enhance your HR Data Analytics Skills In today's business landscape, organizations are increasingly relying on their human resources departments to leverage data and provide valuable insights and recommendations. This emerging field, known as HR analytics, people analytics, talent analytics, or workforce analytics, has gained significant importance as businesses recognize the impact of employee data on decision-making processes. Led by Ben Teusch, a People Analytics Partner at Facebook, this comprehensive course equips you with the best practices in HR analytics and enables you to apply them through practical exercises. Master the Analysis of Recruitment and Employee Safety Data The course commences by introducing the fundamentals of HR analytics. Subsequently, you will delve into a compelling case study where you will analyze and visualize recruitment data to identify the most effective source of new candidates, ultimately leading to the best new hires. The final chapter focuses on employee safety data. Here, you will learn how to utilize data to enhance workplace environments. This interactive course provides a framework of guiding questions to help you investigate the causes behind an increase in workplace accidents. By the end of this course, you will possess the skills to manipulate, visualize, and conduct statistical tests on HR data, demonstrated through a series of HR analytics case studies.

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