Data Storytelling Case Study: College Majors

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Data storytelling is a high-demand skill that elevates analytics. Learn narrative building and visualizations in this course with a college major dataset!

Data storytelling is a crucial skill in the world of analytics, as it allows us to solve business problems and effectively communicate valuable findings to stakeholders. Despite being often overlooked in favor of more technical topics like machine learning and deep learning, data storytelling is in high demand and can elevate your analytical skills and deliverables from being merely informative to truly insightful. Recognizing the significance of data storytelling, reputable publications like the Harvard Business Review consistently emphasize its importance for any data professional. In this course, you will have the opportunity to complete a case study that will teach you the fundamentals of data storytelling and why it is essential in the field of analytics. Throughout the course, you will learn key elements that should be included in every data story, such as constructing narrative arcs, establishing a solid data foundation, and effectively utilizing visualizations. By applying these principles to a case study on college graduate outcomes, you will develop your skills in evolving findings across multiple levels of data story maturity. This will enable you to present optimal and accessible value claims, as well as actionable insights. Upon completing this course, you will possess the necessary skills to make a data-driven impact by combining your technical expertise with communication maturity and professionalism.

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