Customer Segmentation in Python

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4 hours duration

Learn how to segment customers in Python.

In today's business landscape, the most successful companies are those that possess a deep understanding of their customers, enabling them to anticipate their needs. A crucial role in achieving this level of insight is played by data analysts, who employ various techniques to unlock valuable information and effectively segment customers for improved service. This comprehensive course offers practical knowledge and skills in customer segmentation and behavioral analytics, utilizing a genuine dataset comprising anonymized customer transactions from an online retailer. Beginning with cohort analysis, you will gain insights into customer trends, enabling you to identify patterns and make informed decisions. Furthermore, you will learn how to construct easily interpretable customer segments, ensuring that the information derived is readily understandable and actionable. Additionally, you will be equipped with the necessary skills to prepare these segments for machine learning, enhancing their utility and effectiveness. To further enhance your segmentation capabilities, you will delve into k-means clustering, a powerful technique that can be implemented with just a few lines of code. This will enable you to create even more robust and meaningful customer segments. Upon completion of this course, you will possess the practical skills required to apply customer behavioral analytics and segmentation techniques in real-world scenarios.

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