Case Study: HR Analytics in Tableau

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3 hours duration

Explore HR data analysis in Tableau with this case study.

This Tableau case study focuses on analyzing HR data for a fictitious software company called Atlas Labs. The course aims to enhance your skills in importing, analyzing, and visualizing Human Resources data using Tableau. By utilizing example data, you will learn how to effectively work with Tableau and explore various aspects of the dataset. During the course, you will conduct exploratory data analysis and utilize calculated fields to create impactful visualizations. Specifically, you will delve into the topic of attrition and identify the factors that influence it. This analysis will enable the organization to make informed decisions regarding employee retention strategies. To conclude the case study, you will enhance the design of your Tableau dashboard, ensuring a clean and branded appearance. This dashboard will serve as a comprehensive summary of your findings, providing a visually appealing and informative representation of the HR data.

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