Case Study: Ecommerce Analysis in Tableau

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In ecommerce, increasing sales and reducing expenses are top priorities. In this case study, you'll investigate data from an online pet supply company.

Are you seeking an opportunity to apply your Tableau skills in a practical business setting? If so, this Tableau case study offers the perfect chance to do so. The study revolves around a fictitious online pet supply company called Munchy's. In this case study, your primary objective will be to analyze a sales dataset and identify patterns of frequently purchased products and their corresponding quantities. By conducting a market basket analysis, you will be able to provide valuable upsell and cross-sell recommendations. Additionally, you will address the significant expense of shipping costs for online retailers. To tackle this issue, you will develop strategies to reduce per-unit costs by shipping more of the same product. Furthermore, you will analyze customer data to determine their locations and purchasing habits, enabling you to make recommendations to management regarding the optimal location for a new warehouse. Throughout this case study, you will utilize Tableau to analyze the data and visualize your findings. This will involve creating calculated fields and employing various visualizations, such as dual-axis graphs, highlight tables, and maps. To enhance the dynamic nature of your graphs, you will also utilize filters and parameters. Finally, you will compile all your insights into a cohesive story, allowing you to effectively communicate your recommendations. By participating in this case study, you will have the opportunity to showcase your Tableau skills while solving practical business problems for ecommerce companies.

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