Analyzing US Census Data in Python

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5 hours duration

Learn to use the Census API to work with demographic and socioeconomic data.

Data scientists in various fields, including marketing, public health, and civic hacking, often require access to demographic and socioeconomic data. While government census agencies provide comprehensive and high-quality datasets, the abundance of variables and complexities associated with administrative geographies can make navigating this valuable resource a daunting task. This course aims to familiarize you with the Decennial Census and the annual American Community Survey, enabling you to locate data pertaining to household income, commuting patterns, racial demographics, family structures, and other relevant topics. Through the utilization of Python and the Census API, you will learn how to efficiently retrieve data for both large and small geographies. Additionally, you will gain proficiency in data manipulation using pandas, allowing you to generate derived data such as segregation measures. Furthermore, the course will provide an introduction to geopandas, offering you a glimpse into its mapping capabilities.

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