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This programme provides a comprehensive understanding of the essential aspects of being a DJ, including knowledge of music genres, equipment setup, online music purchasing, social media promotion, beats and bars, and set structure and mixing techniques.

This description outlines the various aspects that a DJ should have a good understanding of. Firstly, they should be knowledgeable about different musical genres and styles, as well as how these genres and styles have influenced the DJ and music industry as a whole. Additionally, DJs should have an understanding of the equipment setup required for their performances and the suppliers they can rely on to obtain this equipment. They should also be familiar with the process of purchasing music online, as this is a common method for DJs to acquire new tracks. Furthermore, DJs should recognize the significance of social media in their profession, as it plays a crucial role in promoting their work and connecting with their audience. Understanding beats and bars is another essential skill for DJs, as it allows them to create seamless transitions and maintain a consistent rhythm throughout their sets. Lastly, DJs should have a grasp of set structure, mixing, and blending techniques, which are fundamental for creating a cohesive and engaging performance.

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Boston City Campus
Boston City Campus
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