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6 months duration

An introduction to data analysis and data structures. Analyse data and build statistical models for practical, real-world scenarios. Logic, design thinking and problem-solving. Prepare and build dashboards to communicate findings with purpose.

Data tells stories, solves problems and is the brain behind business. As a result, big data has created an overwhelming need for employers to have teams who can sift through data, make sense of it, and utilise it to support the customer experience, sales enablement, and strategic decision-making. As a data analyst, you will have the power to increase efficiency and improve a company’s performance by learning to read data patterns. Work with complex datasets by advancing your programming skills, and use these skills for data manipulation, analysis and exploration. Our Data Analytics Programme is inclusive of the highly rated 3-month ALX Foundations module, preparing learners with the sought-after professional skills for today’s digital workforce. The ALX Data Analytics Programme prepares you for a lucrative, in-demand global career as a data analyst.

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ALX, short for Alexandria, is a technology company that specializes in providing immersive learning experiences and training programs for software developers. It offers a unique approach to education by combining hands-on coding projects, mentorship, and collaboration with industry professionals. ALX aims to bridge the gap between traditional education and industry demands, equipping learners with the practical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the tech industry. The company focuses on fostering a supportive community and creating a dynamic learning environment to empower individuals to become proficient developers and launch successful careers in the field.
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